What Happened To May and A Short Term Hiatus

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Hello and welcome to the first, last and only blog post I will be putting up during June. While it’s been about a month since my last post, I haven’t completely abandoned this blog for the 3rd (4th? 5th?) time. Instead, I’m doing what I’ve done unintentionally one too many times: I’m taking a hiatus. Like I mentioned on a previous blog post, many of my hiatuses have turned into yearlong stints that have taken me a while to crawl myself out from. But I’ve given it some thought and I truly believe that a hiatus, a short term one anyway, will be beneficial to this blog in the long run.

I’m not tired of blogging, but I realized I grew tired of blogging in the way that I was. At the end of every month, I’ve done my monthly wrap up posts, which I use as an assessment of how I did the previous month as well for setting goals for the current one. Well, after May, I sat down to do this and I had to take a step back because I realized the assessments weren’t working. I wasn’t focusing on my goals and was only taking minimal steps to meet them. My blog was inconsistent, sporadic and not quite what I envisioned.

So I’ve decided this hiatus is necessary. While I won’t be putting up any new blog posts, I will be doing some “behind the scenes” work, to ensure this blog stays alive. Again, it won’t be such a long hiatus (at least it won’t seem all that long once this post goes live, even though it’s been happening the whole month…).  I plan to resume posting in the first week of July and, from there on, have a nice little schedule going that won’t make me want to pull my hair out every time I decide I need to post something.

So I guess that’s that. Not doing a May wrap up or setting June goals for this post, but I’ll see if it feels right to do one next month. So goodbye for a little longer my friends! I hope the rest of the month treats you well, and I will see you again in July.


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