Another Late Wrap-Up Post: April Edition

april wrap up pic

Hoo boy. Well. I’ve been avoiding posting this wrap up for a little while now, mostly for pride-related reasons if I’m being honest. But now that we’re ten days into May and I’m finally over myself and over the set-backs of April, I’m ready to just get on with it. I’m hoping this post won’t be too much of a bummer, considering April wasn’t exactly the goal smashing month I hoped it would be. But gotta stay consistent, and I’m gonna do this regardless of how the month went. So here we go.


I only completed two posts for April. One of those posts was just a wrap up post for March, so if that doesn’t tell you anything about how April blogging was then well… I’ll just tell you now. It wasn’t great. Sadly, I had to put this blog on the back-burner just while I sort of survived my way through April. It dropped from my priority list, which I’m sad about, but it hasn’t been completely abandoned so… I’ll take some comfort in that. It’s the little things, ya’ll.

Funnily enough, despite my lack of published posts, I was putting in some “behind the scenes” work for the blog during the month. I thought up a lot of new posts that I want to write in the future, got a posting schedule going, and have three other posts for this month that were written in April that are queued up and just waiting to be edited and polished. So I guess I can’t say that April was a complete blogging disaster. It just wasn’t as outwardly productive as I would have liked it to be. Because I didn’t meet all of the goals that I wanted to in April, though, my goals for this month will be the same.

May Blogging Goals: Write (and publish) at least 5 blog posts, continue to write a wider variety of posts, engage with other blogger’s blogs


I read three books in March with the hopes that April would be a catch up on my goals month but alas, I only finished two books in April. I’m still behind. The books I read were:

Out of Sight by Elmore Leonard
Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson

Out of Sight was the first book I’ve read this year by a white male author so… there’s something. To tell the truth, it wouldn’t have been one I’d have chosen for myself if I didn’t read it for a project that I’ll go into more detail about much later. I will say, though, it showed me that I really don’t miss reading that particular demographic. For now, I think I’ll continue to stick to my POC women reads as those have been my jam lately.

I did meet one of my goals for April (I posted my review for Soulless), but I’ve still got to get the Turner House review up and, at the rate I’m going, I will probably forever be behind on my reviews. Sigh.

May Book Goals: Catch up on reading goal or read 4 books for the month, post reviews for The Turner House and Allegedly, brainstorm new POC book list project

Writing and Editing

HA! Ha…ha…

Writing and editing…oh boy. Well, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t wanna talk about it. April wasn’t great. I wrote a little bit of the same short story I’ve been working on for MONTHS at this point. Didn’t crack open my novel for editing. Gave NanoWrimo a try for like a day and then just… didn’t. There’s tons of room for improvement. I’m going to figure this out soon. Balancing between writing for this blog and writing for my other projects has been difficult. But I’ve got another chance for May and will hopefully see some progress in at least one of these goals…

May Writing Goals: finish “A Favor,” Submit “On Hair” to literary magazine, submit OSG pitch

Life and Travel

I didn’t go anywhere in April (at least not out of state), and for much of the month it felt like I wasn’t doing much besides work. But there were some good things that happened, so we’ll focus on that, even if some of them were really tiny. I left my house is what I’m trying to say. That’s cause for celebration.

Some other fun things: Pete and I went on our 3rd annual trip north to Skagit Valley to see the tulips and that was pretty much a comedy of errors, but still enjoyable. I reconnected with a friend I haven’t seen since the end of last year, and we had great wine and great conversation. Peter and I met a group of people who listen to some of the same podcasts we do and we are officially in a D&D group with them (and slowly learning how to play D&D because we’re nerds but yay for new friends!). I started and (mostly) stuck with calorie counting, and have found I actually quite enjoy it.

Again, it’s the little things. I guess April wasn’t all too terrible. But let’s hope May will be even better.

May Life and Travel Goals: complete photography class, hang out with friends more IRL, continue to calorie count and exercise, try something new & do more things I love

And how about you? How was your April and how is your May so far? Over here, I think May is already looking up. After all, the sun’s out again (which in Seattle, means we can finally leave our houses and begin complaining about the brightness hurting our eyes). Hooray, hooray for spring in the PNW!


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