2017: The Return of the Writer


I love new years, I really do. There’s always so much hope, possibility, and general optimism. And it’s contagious. Going down my feed, I see everyone making posts about their goals, people (such as I) coming back to blogging after having been away for a long time (and thus, making me feel a lot better about my own unintentional hiatus), and I’ve seen a slew of new blogs popping up too, all equipped with their own happy, optimistic writers.

So yeah, I’m excited about 2017. And it totally has nothing to do with how much of a life sucking hole of shit 2016 was. Or maybe it does. I don’t know. 2016 did make a more cynical person out of me, but I want to believe that 2017 will be good. Today, at least. And maybe tomorrow.

True to form, I’ve set about a thousand new goals for myself with varying degrees of potential accomplishment, but this year, I don’t want to go over every single goal I’ve set. Instead, I just want to focus on the ones to do with writing. I barely got any writing done last year and I feel a little sick about it. I’m just not well when I don’t write, and if I have any hope of making this year a good one (despite all the bad it looks set up to be) I have to write. Here’s the plan.

1. Complete the first edit of Breaking the Curse – I wrote it in a year, so I can edit it in a year too, right? That’s the hope anyway. This is a goal that’s daunting to say the least – I’ve never edited a novel before and I’m going to be making this all up as I go. But damn, the reward will be so sweet once it’s done. I’ve got to get it to a nice shareable state so then my family and friends can read it over and give me feedback that’ll be a lot better than what I’ve been giving myself…

2. Submit “On Hair” to a literary journal – On Hair is a piece I wrote my senior year of college, a personal essay about my journey to accepting my hair, my blackness, and myself. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written and I pretty much got the highest of praise from a professor about it – that it was publishable as it was. But being my insecure self, I locked it in a drawer for two years and forgot about it. Needless to say, I found it again, and I think it’s time I see if what my professor said was right.

3Write 6 short stories – And also submit those to literary journals. I started four different short stories last year, and finished none of those, and then tried to write short stories for Nanowrimo, but it just didn’t happen. So basically  short stories are my kiss of death when it comes to writing. I’m not going to let that keep me away, though. Oh no. I’ll figure out this short story thing one way or another.

4. Blog four times a month – Self explanatory. I need to keep up with this blog. I love blogging. I love that you, dear reader, took the time to read up to this point in my post. And four times a month is totally do-able. Not that it isn’t a challenge for someone like myself. But the point is, it’s possible. Only three more left to go for this month.

So those are the four main writing goals I have for this coming year (at least creative writing-wise), and though it doesn’t seem like a ton, I have a feeling they’ll keep me busy.

But hey, what plans do you have for the new year? Please share them, whether they be writing or anything else. I wasn’t kidding when I said I love that everyone is once again in this goal setting mode. That’s pretty much where I am all the time (accomplishing them is a whole other story though…) Leave a comment below and let me know!


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2 thoughts on “2017: The Return of the Writer

    • chelseareana says:

      Aww Beca, I love that you’ve been with me through this whole blog thing… through all the starts and stops and attempts and failures. You really are the best. And I so want to read you’re writing too! Looks like you’ve got a blog now as well?!

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