Let Me Tell You About My Novel (or at least what I think I know about it)

Hey look! I'm writing! And drinking tea... but writing! (Mostly drinking tea).

Hey look! I’m writing! And drinking tea… but writing! (Mostly drinking tea).

Want to know something that’s been on my mind lately?


No shit, you might say. I thought you were a writer and thinking about writing is part of that package. Well yes, I do fancy myself one of those passionate, emotional, and forever misunderstood writer-creatures. But for the past 6 months I haven’t been actively writing. So it’s a bit of a weird feeling to be back in a place where I’m not just thinking about how I should be writing but actually doing it too.

Writing and publishing a story has been my dream since I was nine, but I haven’t yet managed to completely make it through a story. So I’ve decided it’s time I prove to myself that I can finish a longer work if I just choose a story to stick with. I’m serious about this. I set a writing schedule for myself and everything. Unsurprisingly, I am a bit behind. My hope, however, is that by putting this up on the internet, I’ll be forcing myself to be somewhat accountable and that this hashtag Novel Twenty-Fifteen (previously Twenty-Fourteen, Twenty-Thirteen and Twenty-Twelve…) will not turn into a hashtag novel Twenty-Sixteen.

I rarely talk much about my writing to people in real life and much less the internet for a simple reason: I don’t think many people, especially other writers, really give a rat’s ass about stories other people are writing, especially ones that are first drafts of firsts novels and that may very likely be hidden in a drawer after it’s finished for the rest of its life. That’s just been my experience, so it may be an exaggeration. And I’m going to tell you about my novel anyway

Here we go.

The placeholder of a Real Title for this sweet little smorgasbord of words is Breaking the Curse. It is meant to be a lighthearted young adult fantasy story about a girl forced to embark on a journey after her younger brother is accidentally turned into a ferret. As of NanoWrimo 2014, this was the synopsis:

“When her brother is inadvertently turned into a ferret due to a mysterious magic-infused rain, Kessa must pack up her life as a shopkeeper’s assistant and seek out a sorcerer strong enough to reverse the spell. However, when she does find the mage who caused the problem, she also finds herself caught up in a plot of an evil sorcerer bent on raising the dead to obtain revenge against the kingdom who wronged him. Now, in order to prevent an undead sorcerer war, to keep magic from leaving the land forever, and to change her brother back to his human form, Kessa, along with a mediocre mage, a fearsome warrior girl, an insecure shape-shifting half-unicorn, and her brother, still in ferret form, must work together to seek clues for how to stabilize the magic, and consult the dragons of the lost ages.”

Since the writing of this synopsis, the story has changed fairly significantly. I am currently over 70,000 words in (with an estimated completion at 200,000 words… because if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s word vomit!), and this is the furthest into a rough draft I’ve ever gotten. Hooray me! Although I am beginning to realize and grudgingly accept just how much of a seat of the pants writer I am. Things I never expect keep turning up while I’m writing it.

So there will be changes. For one thing, the undead sorcerer war bit is most likely dead, and the dragons will likely feature much more prominently than I originally thought they would… But to be completely honest, if it hasn’t become abundantly clear by now, I don’t really know how this thing will turn out. I have some vague ideas circling around in my brain bits for how the story will end, but they’re so non-concrete at this point that I can’t even figure out how to write them down here in any form that might make sense.

So. With all that in mind, the updated synopsis for this little gem as of July 2015, is probably something more like this:

“When her brother is inadvertently turned into a ferret due to a mysterious magic-infused rain, Kessa must pack up her life as a shopkeeper’s assistant and seek out a sorcerer strong enough to reverse the spell. She finds the mage who caused the problem and they must go on a journey to break the spell. Then shit hits the fan. They run into bad guys! Ah! They meet people and become a goofy yet lovable and bickering traveling troupe. They go to a strange, mysterious land of secrets. And then they fight more bad guys! Suddenly dragons! And cults! Dragon-cults? Err, magic fighting commences. Stuff happens. People die. And then an ending. [insert good ending].”

Gotta love that discovery writing.

I plan on making this the first in a series of posts about my big-little noveling adventure. I’m going to broadcast it all to you, even though I’m sure that you probably couldn’t care less. But again, this is more for me anyway.

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve an award. Feel free to comment and tell me a bit about your story as well or link me to a post about it if you have one like this (I know you want to), and I will be sure to read and comment and tell you just how great it is, and how much I want to read it and ask you many appropriate questions about it. Because, come on, that’s what we all really want. I sure do.

Till Next Time,


2 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About My Novel (or at least what I think I know about it)

  1. Beca Pina says:

    You are wrong about me not caring. You have been on a hiatus lately and I have noticed. I’m super excited about your writing career! I’m going to appoint myself as your accountability partner (I’m going to text you soon). Seriously, I love how you come up with this stuff! Please keep it up you give me hope! ❤ you!

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