Month In Review: February and March wherein I do a lot and also nothing

Once upon a time I became a workaholic who’s social life began and ended in take out and movies at her boyfriend’s place and falling asleep exhausted and waking up exhausted only to go to work and repeat it all the next day.

Then February happened, which involved a lot of this:

And has left me feeling like this throughout much of March:

Excuses, excuses. All right, so yeah, it’s been another two months since this blog was updated. If this was old Chelsea I would just go ahead and take that as my cue to crawl away in shame and create yet another new blog to start over, but nope! This is the new me. And the new me just crawls back in shame to the same blog and tries to pretend my extended hiatus never happened. I’m trying to make this blog a regular thing, guys. I really am. But then life happens and suddenly I have to make some cuts and the first to go is usually this blog.

(I also realize that probably no one really cares as much about this as I do but I like to pretend this is a big thing for the both of us… just go with it, okay?)

Anyway, since I’ve intended for this to be a blog in part about life after college, I figure some life updates are in order.

So let’s rewind back to February. I had a birthday (I’m 23 now! Taylor Swift write another song about my age!), road-tripped to Vancouver with my boyfriend, had my best friend from NY visit me for a week, and received one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.

DSC_0818 DSC_0825

If I thought Seattle was pretty, well… Vancouver has definitely made it look a little more like a bum-hole than before (but certainly nowhere near the amount of bum-hole that LA can be). And I do have to say that Vancouver has now officially made the list of places I could see myself moving once I tire of Seattle.

Then Jess (said best friend) came to visit.


spaceneedle 2

Look! The space needle!


It was really freaking cold at the top of that mountain, but fuck that the view was amazing.


Ginger beer, space needle, and hiking. If that’s not Seattle, then what is?! (okay, I know the answer would probably be more like hipsters, coffee, and yuppie moms obsessed with quinoa but shush).

And the best gift I received?






My little reading corner


This absolutely beautiful, perfect bookshelf that my boyfriend made (yes made as in he bought the wood and cut it and stained it and everything) and that literally has my name on it.

for me!

For Chelsea (!!!)


Obviously, he’s a keeper. (And now all that’s left is to organize my messy little collection)

Now, by contrast, March has been well…slow. Particularly because I’ve been a hermit and purposefully avoiding human contact. But also, not much has happened. I haven’t gotten much writing done this month (although I have signed up for April’s CampNano! But more on that later), and I’ve been reading but… sluggishly. I’ve only gotten completely through one book this month and am still working on three others because I’ve officially become one of those people who reads three books at once and takes forever to finish.

The one good thing about March is that I officially have a paid writing job! I’d contacted my old boss a while back to see if she could use any help developing her outdated website and turns out she can. So now I’m helping her revise content on her website, as well as contributing to the blog. It’s nothing glamorous, but I’m taking it for what it is — a start to my writing career and hopefully a stepping stone to even more opportunities. And, ya know, a paycheck for my writing.

Anyway, that’s about it for life updates. And since you’ve made it this far, please give me some life updates of your own! How has everyone else been for the past two months? Any new opportunities? Travel? Writing updates? I’d love to hear. 😀


2 thoughts on “Month In Review: February and March wherein I do a lot and also nothing

  1. progshell says:

    😀 I’m glad you’re bragging about the bookshelf I made you! Love you! 😀

    (I just realized how much this comment makes me sound like a grandma on facebook but I’m excited okay?)

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