[insert generic post about the new year]


Yeah, but it helps, dammit!

Okay, I’ve got to stop putting it off now. It’s always so hard to come back to blogging or well, writing in general, after an extensive time off. But since apparently my goal of thinking this post into existence isn’t working, I’ll just go ahead and put my fingers to keys and get it done.

So the last month and a half of 2014 were full of fun things such as me actually winning NaNoWrimo as I planned (surprising considering the state I was in when I made the last post!), getting sick with pneumonia (also surprising, considering I haven’t been that sick since I was eleven), and then going home for vacation which didn’t actually feel much like vacation because if I’m not lounging around in my pajamas all day doing nothing, then it’s not really a vacation is it? Between all that I sort of just forgot to blog… or rather, made excuses not to (apparently “my fingers still ache from writing 13,000 words the last day of November” isn’t a legitimate excuse).

But it’s the new year now, and I really don’t have any more excuses. So although it’s way overdue, I figured I’d make a generic New Years post that I’m sure everyone else did on the 1st of the month detailing a few of my goals for the year. Some are already in progress, some not yet started, some… ahem, already failing. But this should help. After all, there’s nothing like listing all of your hopes and dreams on the internet to make you really feel like being accountable to them, right?…. right?

I have a more extensive list of big and little goals on dayzeroproject.com (a site that I’m pretty obsessed with considering just how much I love lists and goal setting) that you can check out if you’re that curious, but since I’m assuming you’re not, I’m just going to list a few of the ‘big ones’ on here for now:

1. Finish Breaking the Curse – This one is obvious. It’s the novel I worked on for NaNoWriMo, and what I’ve officially deemed The First Novel I Will Ever Finish, version 2k15. If all goes as planned, there will be more posts about this in the future.

2. Create a writing schedule and stick to it – I’ve come to realize that the only way for me to productively write is to have a deadline (oh the dreaded deadline!) and so this is essential for #1.

3. Complete 12 Classic Book and Movies challenge – Despite having graduated with an English degree, there’s still a number of classics I haven’t read and, despite being a human being in 2015, there’s still quite a number of classic movies I haven’t seen. Both are simply unacceptable! And so to solve this, I’ve decided to do 24 classics in 12 months. Boom.

4. Review every book read this year -I’ve read three thus far and reviewed zero so… oops, a little behind.

5. Complete my goodreads reading challenge (aka read 70 books this year)

6. Blog at least once a week – … yeah, I did mention I was failing at some of those goals didn’t I?

7. Eat clean 5/7 days a week – This one seems more random than it is, but of course, more on that later.

8. Travel more – Not just to other countries, but throughout this state, through different cities, through my neighborhood. Because what’s the point of living somewhere if you don’t really get to know that place?

And I’m going to leave it at that for now. Now, like 99% of the world, I’m typically not one to stick through with the goals I make for the New Year, but these all seem relatively attainable to me, and so I have more hopes with this list so far than I’ve had with many before it. Anyone else still hopeful? What are you goals? Or have you decided that maybe another year eating a pack of Oreos a day won’t kill ya? (but actually, it really would. It would. Don’t do that)


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