The Pit (nano progress report)

Has it been about 16 days since I’ve updated this blog and shared anything regarding Nano? Why yes. Yes it has. I blame this on slipping. Falling off the ledge. Tripping on the narrow bridge, tumbling down the hill full of brambles and thorn bushes, to land in the pile of torn pages, forever wandering protagonists, and other novelists like myself. You know what I’m talking about if you’re there right now, and even if you’re not, you’re probably shuddering at memories of being there before. I call this place The Pit. All novelists fall there and drag down their unwilling novels with them too.

I know that this is merely a Nano trend that I had forgotten about. If you’re lucky and don’t end up slipping right from the start, then week one is always infinitely easier than week two and both more so than the dreaded week three. But alas, here I am at a little over 23,000 words, nearly 10k behind, and wondering what happened to my perfect little list of things that were working for me.

Actually, I know what happened. They stopped working for me. Or perhaps I stopped trying to make them work. Early mornings are for sleep again, and I just got tired of lugging my computer around from place to place trying to find some inspiration at outside locations that was lacking inside my apartment. My nano buddies are more behind than I am, and don’t seem too intent on catching up either. I’m nearly to the end of what I outlined and am unsure of how to continue past this point. The one thing I’ve still got going for me is that I do still love my novel, but many scenes have begun to bore me and it has become harder and harder to concentrate on what I’m writing when I’m just not into it.

Well, the other, pessimistic and generally more condescending side of me is thinking, welcome to being a writer ya bozo. From the wordpress posts I’ve been reading and the Nano forums I’ve been frequenting, I know that I’m not the only one in The Pit here and I do take some comfort it that. Still, when you’re down here, it’s hard to convince yourself to climb back up again to join many of the other novelists skipping, plodding, or dragging themselves along despite all odds.

I’m not giving up. I still do have every intention to make to that 50k and win this thing and finish this novel, dammit. But I just find myself wondering how to get out of this pit, to regain the energy I thought would carry me through the month. Is there a chance of catching another wind, or is it just going to be a struggle from here on out to the end? I’m not sure anymore. I’ve won Nano so few times that it’s all still sort of a mystery to me and I’m just sitting and typing along blindly, hoping it’ll happen and soon.

Any and all advice is appreciated, as are hugs from fellow pit-dwellers. How do you anticipate your month ending?


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